Monday, May 24, 2010

Daddy and Triptin Biscuits

When I was 7, I thought Triptin biscuits were best thing ever invented by man, even if it was a medicinal biscuit. The circular thing tasted awesome. Amazing, in fact. I'm glad the doctor told daddy to eat them, because if he hadn't I wouldn't have gotten to taste the most amazing biscuit in the world (wholly my opinion) but, more importantly, I wouldn't have gotten to spend some of the best afternoons with my father.
Triptin biscuits came a pale green and brown tin box. It did look like it contained some sort of medicine from the outside, but once you open the box and tear apart the plastic foil, voila! The best biscuit on the planet. I also liked the biscuit because it was soft and easy to chew and it just seemed to melt into your mouth. Yum!
Daddy never intended to give me Triptin biscuits. He knew he shouldn't be feeding a 7 year old nutrient supplement biscuits. He just got to know I liked it because he caught me eating them. I just wanted to see how they tasted. Honest.
So, Daddy and I spent many afternoons chomping over Triptin biscuits. I got only 2 though, while daddy had to have his dose. If I was lucky, or daddy was in a good mood, I would get three. We usually played Scrabble or I would sit near his knees and we would watch TV, mostly National Geographic (he was their lawyer, and was maybe expected to know something) or I would watch Cartoon Network while he intently read a book.
My mother and I had recently visited Mantri Square, and I noticed the familiar green and brown tin can in the medical store window. My mother walked a little front of me, obviously not caring or wondering why I was stopping and looking at an uninteresting tin can. To everyone else, it's just a stupid tin can with medicinal biscuits in them; but to me it's a whole lot of afternoons of memories. =)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The "decisive" year.

Oh jeez. I'm in 12th now. It's THE year. The year in which we not only have to write the BOARD exams but also various, may I add, screwing entrance exams, where a quarter mark makes your life, or breaks it.

Welcome to hell.

Courtesy:- the Indian educational system.