Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Butcher of Bhopal

Turning over to the editorial page of today's newspaper (The Hindu, dated 15th June 2010. "Games big corporations play") I read through the atrocities of infamous Bhopal Gas Tragedy of December 1984 which left over 20,000 dead and thousands disabled and maimed. The effects of Bhopal's worst nightmare can still be felt, even today.
Quarter of a century later, there is still no trace of justice. The city still suffers from the long term impact of the gas tragedy, which includes various health, economic and social conditions. And, the only justice they are supposed to be satisfied with is a bailable two year prison term for the seven former officials of the then known Union Carbide Corporation. What if the Bhopal gas tragedy had happened in the United States? Would the House of Justice and the people let him off that easily? Is our judicial system, famed for it's delay in delivering justice, flawed in the case of ensuring justice as well? Answer me, Mr. Anderson, do you not feel anything, anything at all for the shit you've done?

Mr. Anderson may not have been punished for his criminal acts, however there is a title he will have to live with. He will and will always be known as the butcher of Bhopal. I bet he's proud of it, aren't you Mr. Anderson?


Correction to previous blog: Threptin, not Triptin!