Sunday, December 19, 2010


Time goes by. Seconds, minutes, hours even. A lifetime has gone by, it seems. I can still hear the shrill of my screaming voice-the anger, the pain. Sometimes, I feel too much emotion. Too much loss of love. Yet, I pride myself in being able to conceal it and how. Here come the loose ends. They have to be tied. They cannot be left undone. No, not when it's with me.

Four years I've lived my life in shades of grey. Sometimes the darkest, sometimes the lightest. Each shade has taught me much. I dwell on my experiences and dive into my thoughts. They are my strongest supporters. I live to survive. Some things need to end, they need to stop-if you want to grow.

"Ms. Kurpad?"

But, then, each closure gives rise to a new beginning. =)