Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Change in the Game Part I

I'm back! =D

It's hard to believe summer is almost over, and what a crazy summer it has been. Most importantly, I have learnt a lot this summer.

When boards ended, I spent only half a day loafing around, enjoying the few hours I had to celebrate the ending of two years at a wonderful institution with wonderful people! But that was to be short lived, because the very next day, I sat down and started my crucial prep for the Common Law Admission Test 2011.

I've always wanted to be a lawyer, ever since I can remember. When I was a kid, my dad used to take me around The Karnataka High Court and I used to just love the place. (Apologies to Raju for all the irritating questions =P) During vacations and holidays, I used to immerse myself in the sea of books in my dad's room and his office. When he died and I inherited the whole thing, it was a great escape on days when I needed to run away. On the darkest of all days, when I needed some strength, it was here I found myself again and again.

CLAT 2011 All India Rank 133. I'm not disappointed. Because, when I finished the paper, I had no hopes of making it to even NLS Kochi. NLS Bangalore was a far dream. I do ask whether all that hard work that I put in went for a waste. I think not. NUJS is an awesome place, (tipped by some of my law friends to be the next "big thing" in national law schools) and I always had an intuition about Calcutta. There has to be reason for my ardent love for Rosogolla, no?

So here I am. Standing at crossroads. About to take my next big step into the big bad world. Will I survive? How is Meenakshi Kurpad going to be five years down the lane? Will I get the power I've always wanted? Will my ideas and beliefs change? Will I get the Oh-my-dear-we-pity-you-because-you-have-no-father typical Indian Uncles and aunties finally see how headstrong I've become? How I don't need to have a male presence to do whatever the hell I want?

To these backward minds, I say- Meenakshi Kurpad hasn't arrived.

The Meenakshi Kurpad has arrived. =)

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